dispensing isolator / for active pharmaceutical ingredients / containment / floor-standing
mock-up Tema Sinergie



  • Applications:

    for active pharmaceutical ingredients, containment, dispensing

  • Configuration:



This mock-up simulâtes a Dispensing Isolator, a GMP Class 2 containment enclosure, designed to guarantee the highest containment levels during the manipulation processes of hazardous High Active Pharmaceutical Ingrédients (HAPIs). The system is composed of one airlock for materials inlet/outlet, and one working chamber. The working chamber viewing panel is mounted with an inclination of 5 degrees for better ergonomics. The operator can work inside the isolated environment through three 10" oval- shaped glove ports made of Polypropylene, fixed to the viewing panel, complété with long isolator gloves for materials handling. An active BUCK® UHC DN100 automatic valve is integrated into the working chamber for the product discharging process. As the vertical encumbrance of the isolator system is increased because of the mounting of such a system, composed of both active plus passive valves, and an 80lts drum, an elevated platform for the operator(s) is strongly required. The mock-up has been produced to show the customer that the system developed during the preliminary design phase guarantees the end user the best ergonomie solution.