metatarsophalangeal joint arthrodesis plate
MEDIALMAX™ Wright Medical Technology



  • Applications:

    metatarsophalangeal joint


Key BenefitsPocketLock MTC Plates:Are offered in three angles (neutral, 4°, and 8°) to accommodate varying patient anatomy and deformity correction which eliminates the need to bend the plateContain PocketLock Technology which combines the compression of a 4.0mm partially threaded interfragmentary screw with the rigidity of a plateEnsures repeatable interfragmentary screw position and prevents the potential for hardware collision.Standard MTC Plates:Contain a compression slot which allows up to 2.0mm of translationAllows the surgeon the flexibility of placing their own lag screw outside of the plateMedial Column Fusion Plate:Anatomically contoured to fit the dorsomedial aspect of the MTC – NC joint complexContains two compression slots that are opposed thereby driving compression toward the cuneiform