metacarpophalangeal joint external fixation system / tubular / adult
mini FLO

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metacarpophalangeal joint external fixation system metacarpophalangeal joint external fixation system - mini FLO


  • Joint / bone:

    metacarpophalangeal joint

  • Type:


  • Patient type:



External fixator using a dorsal approach
Indicated for gradual distraction of inter-phalangeal and metacarpo-phalangeal joints in:
post-traumatic joint contractures
severe Dupuytren contractures
Arc shaped fixator body
Device positioning over the rotation axis of the joint
Dual function targeting device Easy distraction mechanism
Stérile bone screws available in three sizes
Easy dorsal application on the hand
Graduai symmetrical distraction without excess load to joint structures
Convenient device for correct fixation positioning intraoperatively and as a distraction vvrench postoperatively
Patient-friendly: the patient can easily distract on the basis of tissue tension (as tolerated) Versatility of use for different bone dimensions