elbow external fixation system / tubular / adult

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elbow external fixation system elbow external fixation system - ST.A.R.90F4


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Elbow articulated external fixator
Indicated for acute or chronic bone and/or ligament joint lesions
Radiolucent articuler comportent Telescopic body
Controlled flexion and extension Independent bone screwclamps
Extension device
Easy visualization of the center of rotation
Allows positioning of the humerai screws to avoid damage to the radial nerve
Simplified postoperative management
Versatile bone screvv positioning
Allows distal positioning of the ulnar screw clamps
Elbow articulated external fixator Figure 1
The telescopic body ensures that there are
at least 10 cm between the epicondyle
and the first humeral diaphyseal screw to
avoid damage to the radial nerve.
The articulating joint has a central hole for
the insertion of the guide wire, which is
positioned in the centre of rotation of the
elbow joint.
The articulation ranges from 0° to 180°
and allows complete extension and
flexion of the elbow.