valve for the medical industry / manual

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valve for the medical industry / manual valve for the medical industry / manual - MLV-3


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    for the medical industry

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The MLV-3 is a 3-way, Normally-Closed limit valve designed to give dependable performance in a small, rugged package. The valve design is a poppet type with fast opening and high flow. Mounted on a machine or fixture, the valve will be actuated by any moving part that contacts and depresses the stem. The stem may be depressed flush with the body so there is no possibility of over-travel of the valve mechanism. The exhaust is to atmosphere though a hole in the valve stem.

Stem Travel: 1/8”
Input Pressure: 150 psig max.
Air Flow: 4 scfm @ 50 psig; 7 scfm @ 100 psig
Force for Full Stem Travel: 48 oz. nominal
Mounting: Dual #20 holes or 15/32-32 thd. Nut and lockwasher furnished