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valve for the medical industry valve for the medical industry - MJV-2


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    for the medical industry

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These are high flow 1/8” NPT ported 2-way, 3-way and 4-way valves that change their flow path when the stem is either depressed or released (spring return). The 2-way and 3-way valves are offered in both Normally-Closed (not passing) or Normally-Open (passing) versions. The 4-way valves are typically used to control a double acting air cylinder. On pages 135 through 145 we offer a wide range of pneumatic and mechanical valve actuators that work with all Clippard stem valves.

Medium: Air, water, oil, or other compatible fluids
Input Pressure: MJVO-2, MJVO-3, MJV-4, MJV-4D: 150 psig max.;
MJV-2, MJV-3, MJVO-3C: 300 psig max.
Stem Travel: 1/8”; MJV-4: 3/16”
Force For Full Stem Travel: MJV-4D: 12 oz.; MJV-2C, MJVO-2C: 24 oz.; MJVO-2:
36 oz.; MJV-2, MJV-3, MJVO-3, MJV-4: 38 oz. nominal.
Mounting: 15/32-32 thread. Nut and lockwashers furnished. MJV-4 and MJV-4D
also have two 0.201” diameter mounting holes in valve body. Cartridge version
inserts into a 5/8” bore (0.625” ±0.001”)
Materials: Brass body, Nitrile seals, stainless steel stem and spring

• High flow poppet or spool design
• MJV-2 or MJV-3 are Normally-Closed (no flow when not actuated)
• MJVO-2 or MJVO-3 are Normally-Open (flowing until actuated)
• Cartridge valves (suffix “–C”) are designed to be installed in a custom bore.