valve for the medical industry / manual

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valve for the medical industry / manual valve for the medical industry / manual - FV-3


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    for the medical industry

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These balanced spool valves are “fully ported” which means that all ports are useable and can handle pressure or vacuum or both. The FV-3 is a 3- way but can be used as a 2-way normally open or closed by plugging port 2 or 4. As a 3 way it can be connected as a normally closed, normally open and as a selector or diverter. The FV-5 can be connected in a dual pressure inlet configuration.

Medium: Air, Oil & Water
Input Pressure: 150 psig max.
Stem Travel: 1/8”
Force For Full Stem Travel: FV-3, FV-3P, FV-4, FV-4P, FV-5, FV-5P - 4.5 pounds
nominal. FV-3D, FV-3DP, FV-4D, FV-4DP, FV-5D, FV-5DP - 1.5 pounds nominal.
Mounting: 15/32-32 thread. Nuts and lockwashers furnished.
Materials: Brass body, Nitrile seals, stainless steel stem and spring