electric blood donor chair / on casters / reverse Trendelenburg / with legrest



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    on casters, reverse Trendelenburg, with legrest


SKE-120A Multi-Function Medical Blood Drawing Donate Hemodialysis Chair

Technical Configuration
1. Ergonomic design gives blood donors a sense of security and comfort and alleviate the psychological pressure, makes the whole process easier and enjoyable.
2. Premium linear actutor controls and adjusts back and leg position, creates a secure and comfortable
environment for blood donors
3. The appearance, which is made of high-strength fiber material and poly-layer paint, is artistic, modern, durable and easy to clean
4.Chair frame is made of premium powder coated steel
4. Mattress using a high-quality medical polyurethane foam molding, is easy to clean and maintain. Its anti-static and anti-fouling properties is superior to other similar products
5. Good choice for the blood stations, centers and blood donation housing
Main technical parameters
Seat size:1980mm*( 580-750)mm
Seat height:550mm
Back rest lifting:0°~ 70°
Leg rest lifting:20 ° -90 °
Armrest swing out:0 °-180°
Armrest height adjustable:100mm
Armrest size:480*160mm

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