cementless acetabular prosthesis
Furlong® H-A.C CSF plus

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cementless acetabular prosthesis cementless acetabular prosthesis - Furlong® H-A.C CSF plus


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Based on the clinically proven design of the Furlong® H-A.C Coated CSF Acetabular Cup1, the CSF plus system offers all the same benefits but with some key improvements.

The system has two acetabular shell types, one dedicated for ceramic liners and one dedicated for ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) liners. The two shell types have different internal taper angles, 18° for ceramic and 5° for UHMWPE, to allow for the most secure and stable seating of the chosen liner without compromise.

Biolox® delta ceramic liners are offered for use with the CSF plus ceramic bearing shells for maximum implant strength.

In addition to standard UHMWPE liners, cross-linked UHMWPE liners are now available for use with the CSF plus polyethylene bearing shells.

The application of Supravit® Zoned Coating to the CSF plus Acetabular Cup Shell provides excellent initial fixation and stability. A new screw hole cluster enables anatomically optimal screw placement should additional primary stability be required.