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drill surgical power tool / saw / battery-powered / small joint surgery
Stryker F1™



  • Type:

    drill, saw

  • Power source:


  • Procedure:

    small joint surgery


Stryker's Instruments division announced today the launch of the Stryker F1™ Small Bone Power System, providing surgeons with a cordless, balanced, lightweight solution for procedures of the extremities.

Until now, extremities surgeons have, for the most part, used cord-and-console setups. While a console delivers the requisite power for working with small bones, it also comes with unavoidable compromises. It reduces maneuverability, may break the sterile operating field and with multiple components, can make both operation and troubleshooting less efficient. The Stryker F1 System allows for the elimination of cords, hand switches, and consoles and provides a much more efficient way to perform distal extremity procedures.

The Stryker F1 System is powered by SmartGRIP™ Technology. Surgeons have the choice of two unique gripping styles – the pencil or pistol-style SmartGRIP. Each SmartGRIP is a lightweight, well- balanced battery control module that contains lithium ion cells and enables the surgeon to operate three micro saws, a micro drill, and a universal motor for inserting k-wires and drilling. The five motors and three attachments are interchangeable between SmartGRIP Control Module, allowing surgeons to choose their specific approach. Each SmartGRIP Control Module:

Can remain on the shelf, unused, for 30 days without losing power and performance1
Provides consistent power and uptime
Contains insulation to increase resistance to thermal damage during exposure to high temperatures throughout sterilization
Includes a battery indicator light to display SmartGRIP Control Module status information