lumbar interbody fusion cage / posterior



  • Spinal section:


  • Surgical approach:




The SurgTech Interbody System is a system of intervertebral body fusion devices. The Posterior Lumbar Device is a structural column in a generally rectangular shape having a rounded nose. Teeth are integral to the inferior & superior surfaces & there is a central cavity to be filled with autograft. The implants are available in an assortment of footprint, height and angulation combinations to accommodate a variety of anatomic requirements.


1. Adaptive Sizing:
It offers 2 different footprints at 0 & 4-degree lordosis. The height ranges from 9-18 mm in 1mm inc. It comprised of 80 implants available in a single set, enabling precise anatomic height & lordotic restoration in a variety of patient populations.

2. Ergonomically Designed Instrument:
It offers a variety of options for sizing, decompression & maneuverability. The inserter was designed with match the implant & has proven strength under impaction.

3. PEEK Material:
Radiolucent for easy monitoring of healing site with X-rays, CT or MRI Bone-like modulus helps minimize stress shielding & stimulate bone healing extremely strong, durable & highly resistant to creep & fatigue.

4. Optimal Positioning:
It has two radiographic marker pins at opposing corners of the implant, which provides an easy means of identifying implant position & orientation on radiographic images.

5. Axial Canal Design:
The large axial open architecture is designed to accommodates autogenous bone graft to allow fusion to occur through the spacer.

6. Bullet Nose Design:
It is designed for the ease of insertion, which allows implants to be inserted into disc with small clearances, while minimizing damage to endplate.