tibia compression plate / proximal / lateral



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  • Part of bone:

    proximal, lateral



Proximal Lateral Tibial LCP (Left & Right)
TC20: New Material Without Vanadium Trouble

1. Wide Range of Sizes: 147-307mm L / 5*5, 5*7,5*9,5*11,5*13 hole / 4.5mm t / 16mm w.
2. Angle Design Locking Hole: Angle design locking hole can be implanted with support screw and proximal "bamboo raft screw" to form triangular support.
3. Parallel Locking Screw: Three parallel locking screws provide extensive support for the raft effect.
4. Kirschner Wire Holes: 2 of 2.0mm Kirschner Wire Holes for easy repair of damaged meniscus.
5. Smaller Tissue Interference: Better performance, more convenient intraoperative operation, and smaller collective tissue interference.
6. Designed Specifically for Osteotomy: Designed specifically for osteotomy and orthopedics for better conduction of stress, the tapered end allows insertion into the muscle.
7. Anatomic Pre-plastic Design: Anatomic pre-plastic design, low notch, reduce soft tissue irritation.

1. Wedge Osteotomy of the Lateral Tibial Plateau
2. The Epiphysis Fracture of the Lateral Tibial Plateau
3. Split Fracture of the Lateral Tibial Plateau
4. Fracture of the Lateral Tibial Plateau with Compression Fracture
5. A Split or Compression Fracture of the Lateral Tibial Plateau
6. Segmental Fracture of the Proximal Tibia