management software / surgery / microbiology / pharmacy
management software

State-of-the-art software technologies for antimicrobial stewardship teams Our latest application is a powerful tool aimed at facing the challenges of consumption and growing resistance to antimicrobials. ANTIBIOKOS, ...

analysis software / data management / visualization / monitoring
analysis software
FitoLog suite

FitoLog Software FitoLog: Displays and records in real time all the operating data and chamber details in a file. It also informs of any errors, alarms and allows the configuration of alerts, which may be sent by Email ...

tracking software / image analysis / video recording / preclinical
tracking software

Smart 3.0, the latest release of Panlab SMART video tracking system features the most flexible and easy-to-learn software for the automated evaluation of behavior in the widest range of pre-clinical and neuroscience applications. SMART ...

management software / control / tracking / for biobanks
management software
ASKION C-line® control

... lists or overviews. So it makes a complete tracing of the sample and system data possible. The software can be integrated to a already existing laboratory or hospital information system, due to the open ...

acquisition software / for equipment control / image capture / merging
acquisition software

Ocular Image Acquisition SoftwareSoftware is great when you can't imagine doing the task at hand with anything else. From the moment you install it, Ocular will be your go-to choice for image capture in microscopy. Built from the ground ...

monitoring software / traceability / laboratory
monitoring software

SIRIUS lite is a single user software for simplified use (one server PC, one SPY RF ModeM and an unlimited number of SPY RF recorder).This Software allows you to: See all the measurement points at ...

data management software / alert management / reporting / quality control
data management software

SIRIUS STORAGE software SIRIUS Storage is monitoring software specifically for the supervision of a fixed installation. Compared with SIRIUS Lite, SIRIUS Storage monitoring software ...

analysis software / laboratory
analysis software
Sentosa SQ Reporter

... retrieves run data from Sentosa SQ301 and automatically performs result analysis. Integration with Sentosa Link middleware and laboratory information systems (LIMS) enables automated and traceable result interpretation ...

image enhancement software / for digital microscopes / automated
image enhancement software
Imaris Stitcher

... Features Imaris Stitcher is designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Simply load tiles for stitching and the software will automatically detect stage coordinates for every tile. If the position data is ...

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Oxford Instruments
analysis software / reporting / control / interpretation
analysis software
OpenLab CDS

... chromatography and mass spectrometry into one software platform. Control your Agilent GC, LC, single quadrupole GC/MS, LC/MS instruments as well as other vendors’ instruments in the lab, and save substantial time managing ...

viewer software / image capture / for digital microscopes / for scanning electron microscopes
viewer software
ZEN Shuttle & Find

ZEISS ZEN Shuttle & Find for Correlative Microscopy in Life Sciences Bridging the Micro and Nano World The highest level of productivity in correlative microscopy ZEISS presents the first easy-to-use, highly productive workflow from ...

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Zeiss Microscopy
verification software / for NMR spectrometry / for mass spectrometry
verification software

... addition, the software also provides an individual configurable ‘workbench’ for further inspection and interpretation of results. Bruker FUSION-SV is tailored to the needs of the chemist and is ideal for both academic ...

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Bruker Daltonics Inc.
acquisition software / visualization / laboratory / for transmission electron microscopes
acquisition software

... 3-dimensional reconstruction. Its software (Recorder, Composer, Visualizer-Kai) employ unique algorithms for enabling the automation of various adjustments particularly required to Tomography. Recorder This software ...

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test software / validation / for NMR spectrometry / laboratory
test software

... your Spectrometer Performance Optimized Assure-System Suitability Test (SST) is the ideal tool for any NMR spectroscopy laboratory. In full automation, the NMR spectrometer is validated regularly for instrument performance ...

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Bruker BioSpin
analysis software / visualization / for archiving / image capture
analysis software
NIS-Elements Ar

... imaging software solution covering image capture, archiving, and analysis. NIS-Elements AR was developed by Nikon for the most advanced levels of research—giving the user complete control of all microscope and camera ...

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Nikon Instruments
data management software / validation / reporting / for electrophoresis
data management software

Global management software for Sebia instruments with networking capabilities Phoresis CORE is the all-in-one software developed by Sebia enabling users to interpret, manage, store and recall the ...

image analysis software / 3D viewing / sharing / for digital microscopes
image analysis software

ImarisBatch is an Imaris subsystem for the processing of 2D, 3D, and 4D image series in batch. This subsystem saves valuable time when running repetitive jobs because processing can be queued and completed without interaction from the ...

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Andor Technology PLC 
data management software / analysis / control / training
data management software

... . Users can leverage software familiarity across techniques. Designed for workflow, scalability, compliance and data management, Qtegra ISDS Software provides essential tools for consistent, accurate ...

management software / radiology / laboratory / for hospitals
management software

HYDMEDIA enables hospitals and care facilities of all sizes to archive their paper-based documentation electronically and allow easy reference. Key benefits include: Reduction of physical archiving space Reduce in information retrieval ...

diagnostic software / recording / analysis / EEG
diagnostic software

... solutions for diagnostics and monitoring. The high-acuity Neurofax EEG system is extremely intuitive. Its user-friendly software features a wide range of functions including record, playback, and quantitative data analysis. ...

data management software / laboratory / EMR / POC
data management software

... the i-STAT System with software solutions that help you oversee test results, operators, and devices. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your Laboratory Information System (LIS) and Electronic Medical ...

data management software / for mass spectrometry
data management software

Acquire, Analyze, Manage, and Share Mass Spectrometry InformationMassLynx™ Software increases the speed at which you can convert your sample data into valuable knowledge. It provides you with the fundamental platform ...

management software / control / clinical / for mass spectrometry
management software
ClearCore MD

... ClearCore™ MD Software is the answer. The heart of the Topaz™ System, ClearCore MD Software bridges the gap. With the software, your clinical lab will experience simplified and streamlined ...

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analysis software / management / reporting / for equipment control
analysis software

LabX® software brings power to your lab bench with automated data handling, high process security and full SOP user guidance. Moreoever, LabX can be connected to different laboratory instruments, which ...

analysis software / data management / blood bank / for hospitals
analysis software

... Collection System facilitates business intelligence, timely troubleshooting and easy access to your procedural data. Now a software-based solution, the Cadence data collection system can be used with the Trima Accel® ...

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Terumo BCT
analysis software / diagnostic / control / measurement
analysis software
IR Solution

IR Solution - Control SoftwareThe IRsolution FTIR control software supports FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and provides a high level of security. It also includes validation software compliant with JP ...

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Shimadzu Europa Analytical Instruments