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adjustable pressure hydrocephalus shunt valve / adult / pediatric

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adjustable pressure hydrocephalus shunt valve adjustable pressure hydrocephalus shunt valve - MIETHKE proGAV® 2.0


  • Option:

    adjustable pressure

  • Patient type:

    adult, pediatric


In touch with you

MIETHKE gravitational valves provide a reliable prevention of overdrainage complications in Hydrocephalus therapy. With MIETHKE proGAV® 2.0 MIETHKE is presenting a new Hydrocephalus Valve. The approved concept of MIETHKE proGAV® has been fundamentally redesigned. Like its forerunner, MIETHKE proGAV® 2.0 consists of an adjustable and gravitational unit. Important improvements include a “Feedback Mechanism” and a new generation of “Soft-Touch” Adjustment and Measurement Tools. The adjustable unit is equipped with a new valve surface, by using slight pressure with your finger, the “Active-Lock” Mechanism of the valve is released and a tactile feedback is sent.
The combination with the MIETHKE proGAV® 2.0 Adjustment Tools enables a soft and secure adjustment of the valve. The “Active-Lock” Mechanism provides a secure prevention of inadvertent readjustment caused by external magnet fields up to 3 Tesla. With the new MIETHKE proGAV® 2.0 Compass the opening pressure of the valve can be measured fast and without having to expose the patient to X-ray.
- 3-tesla MR Conditional
- Pressure levels for continuous adjustment between 0 and 20 cmH2O
- X-ray-free verification of the pressure level setting
- Tactile feedback
- Soft and secure adjustment by “Soft-Touch” Adjustment and Measurement Tools
Adjustable gravitational unit with differential pressure valve
- Treatment of Hydrocephalus

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