pH tester / nitrogen / for environmental analysis / benchtop
BK-Y series

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pH tester / nitrogen / for environmental analysis / benchtop pH tester / nitrogen / for environmental analysis / benchtop - BK-Y series


  • Tested parameter:

    pH, nitrogen

  • Applications:

    for environmental analysis

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:



It is used to detect available nitrogen, available phosphorus, available potassium, organic matter, soil pH and soil salinity in soil, plant, chemical fertilizer.

* LCD display.
* Print testing date, sample number, sample items, sample contents, variety.
* Large capacity storage (time, place, fertilizers), datum can be checked at any time.
* Quickly test the N, P, K, organic matter, salinity, and pH in the soil, fertilizer and plants.
* With the function of time display, can automatically record and save the time of tested sample.
* Can set crop variety, crop yield, fertilizer variety, and automatically count the fertilizing amount.


Soil Nutrient
Stability Absorbency of light drift<0.003
Repeatability Absorbency of light<0.005
Linearity Errors Red light for Copper sulfate, and blue light for potassium dichromate < 3.0%
Sensitivity Red light≥4.5*10‐5, Blue light ≥3.17*10‐3
Wavelength Range Red light 620±5nm; Blue light 440±5nm
Anti-Knocking Performance Qualified

Testing Range 1~14
Error ±0.5%

Salinity Testing Range 0.01%~1.00%
Error ±5%

Test N,P,K, organic matter, soil pH, soil salinity, with storage function, built‐in the amount of nutrients needed for growth of 73 kinds of crops, can provide guidance for fertilizing amount according to needs, with printing function

On the basis of TPY‐6A, with a software, be able to connect to computer for data storage, tele‐transmission and printing

On the basis of TPY‐6PC, but can measure soil moisture

Power Supply 220V/110V±10%, 50/60Hz