three-compartment knee prosthesis / fixed-bearing / cemented



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  • Tibial bearing:


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The ANTHEM◊ Total Knee System was designed to provide an advanced and anatomically fit prosthesis and instrumentation system.
The ANTHEM knee system is a total knee prosthesis with advanced femoral and tibial anatomic design to promote improved anatomic implant fit for all patients globally.1
The ANTHEM knee system is based upon trusted design pedigree incorporating clinically advanced technology such as the tibio-femoral articulation and patello-femoral function equivalent to the GENESIS◊ II Total Knee System, which exhibits a 98% survivorship at 15 years.2,3

The ANTHEM Total Knee System coupled with ORTHOMATCH◊ Universal Instrumentation platform has been developed in conjunction with leading surgeons from Emerging Markets and Europe providng benefits by creating efficiency through intelligent design which translates into tangible value for surgeons, patients and healthcare providers.