ophthalmic operating table / electric / on casters
ophthalmic operating table
DOC Classic

The Doc Classic mobile surgery chair has been developed especially for ophthalmic applications. However this chair also is extremely suitable for all interventions in the face for ENT and plastic surgery.

ophthalmic operating table / electric / manual / Trendelenburg
ophthalmic operating table
Legend Eye

Dedicated Eye Surgery Table Sleek and aesthetic construction Up/Down movements controlled Electrically by foot switch. Trendlenberg and Reverse Trendlenberg positioning by manual lever mechanism. ...

ophthalmic operating table / electric / on casters
ophthalmic operating table

Electric Ophthalmic OpEration Table OT-KSA Spécifications Length:1970 ±50mm Width: 600 ±20mm Height: 550 ±30mm Table up and down: >250mm Forward£l5° Backward £15° Head ...

orthopedic operating table / ophthalmic / electric / on casters
orthopedic operating table

... The section of table top can be used in normal or inverse mode. It will be full body visible for the C-ARM scan without blocked. It's especially useful for taking Cath-Lab photograph and spine operation. 4. ...

ophthalmic operating table / ENT / electro-hydraulic
ophthalmic operating table

... treatment table drive by fully electro hydraulic system. TABLE TOP : 190 CM (BACK SECTION 75 CM+SEAT SECTION 115 CM) TABLE WIDTH : 60 CM BACK SECTION UP/DOWN : +65°/ -10° ...

ophthalmic operating table / ENT / electric
ophthalmic operating table

... general purpose treatment table for wide procedures. TABLE TOP : 190 CM (HEADREST 30 CM+BODY SECTION 160 CM) TABLE WIDTH : 60 CM HEADREST UP/DOWN : +30°/ -90° ELEVATION ...

gynecological operating table / ophthalmic / dermatology / electric
gynecological operating table

... 65cmto 95cm, by a square cylinder powered by electric motor pump and waterproof foot switch. The back section, seat section and table base are made of ABS synthetic resin, which protects them from knocking, scratching, ...

ophthalmic operating table / hydraulic / on casters
ophthalmic operating table
983 33

... leak proof. Extensive use of stainless steel for rust free long life, which it makes uncorrosive Medical Furniture. Table is provided with smooth hydraulic pump for Height adjustment. Easy to move by the casters. Options: ...

ophthalmic operating table / electric / on casters
ophthalmic operating table
984 33

Code: 984 33 Size(in L x W x H): 188cm (74) x 58cm (23) x H 61cm (24) to 89cm (35) Working Specification: Head low / up, Head rest Maneuvered by Gas spring system. 50mm thick foam mattress. Height adjustable from 610 mm (24) to ...

ophthalmic operating table / electric / Trendelenburg / height-adjustable
ophthalmic operating table

Ours is a trusted name in the field that proffers Ophthalmic Operating Table that is precisely designed for ophthalmic surgery. This robustly constructed table ...

ophthalmic operating table / electric / height-adjustable
ophthalmic operating table

Created Specifically for Treatments With the WaveLight® Refractive Suite A fast swivel speed with adjustable height optimizes the patient flow between femtosecond and excimer laser devices to provide precise and easy patient positioning. ...

ophthalmic operating table / hydraulic / height-adjustable
ophthalmic operating table

Specifications Operating table for universal ophthalmic surgeries Made in heavy duty steel body finish Hydraulic pump for height adjustment, operatable by foot paddle Specifications ...