cemented femoral stem
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cemented femoral stem cemented femoral stem - KORUS


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Straight cemented stem

The KORUS system was created with the aim to provide the surgeon with complete and reliable solutions for an increasingly personalized surgery.

The system includes: KORUS, two UNCEMENTED MODELS with CCD 135° and 125° angles, CEMENTED KORUS, also available with a DISTAL CENTRALIZER and MODULAR KORUS, provided with 14 interchangeable necks.- Available with or without distal centralizer.
Straight cemented stem
Available with or without distal centralizer;
Same instrumentation as uncemented KORUS;
The stem is in compliance with European standards, having approved 12/14 morse taper (5°42’30’’);
Proximal trapezoid section resists axial torsional stresses and facilitates osseointegration;
Threaded extraction hole.
Low trochanteric invasivity, easier insertion and reduced incision, especially with an anterior approach;Skinny neck
Better joint flexibility.
Increased ROM.
Reduced neck length
Shorter taper (- 2 mm).
High nitrogen content stainless steel (ISO 5832-9).

Finishing: mirror finishing.