cementless acetabular prosthesis
Fin II Gruppo Bioimpianti

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cementless acetabular prosthesis cementless acetabular prosthesis - Fin II


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Fin II and Fin MB – Press-Fit cup

Versatile solution, double fixation

The acetabular FIN II system represent a highly versatile solution with a wide choice of liners and heads, even large, which are associated with a single metal component, available with or without cranial fins: FIN II and FIN MB.

Fin II Cup

Hemispherical, allowing global contact between the component and the bone acetabulum.
Three cranial fins for improved primary stability and anti-rotation blocking.
Three holes in the proximal zone of the cup for optional application of 6.5 mm screws. The
specially designed screw housings provide axial deviation of up to 15°.

Available in sizes from 44 mm to 72 mm in 2 mm steps.
A polar hole for direct visual inspection of the cup position with respect to the bottom of the acetabulum.
Fin MB Cup

The FIN MB features the same morphological characteristics of the FIN II cup except for the three cranial fins. Though it maintains primary and secondary stability thanks to its geometry and the porous coating.

Reduced thickness of the cup: it can accommodate even large heads.
Heads from 64 to 72 mm now available upon request.
Cone roughness improved: optimized stability of the coupling.
New generation external coating: Ti-Growth-C® titanium Plasma Spray 400 micron (FIN II) and Titanium Y 367 (FIN MB).