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thoraco-lumbar spinal osteosynthesis unit / posterior / adult
S4® Spinal System



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S4® Spinal System
Modular Spinal System
Uncompromising quality and devotion in every single detail – this is the claim of the S4® Spinal System. From initial conception, the S4® Spinal System was developed to meet the spine surgeon’s need for an extremely low profile and incredibly stable thoracolumbar spinal fixation system. This unique design blends the experience of more than ten years of clinical application and continuously updated technology, making it a successful and reliable posterior spinal fixation system. Since the official launch of the S4® Spinal System, the system has been used for more than 100.000 surgical procedures worldwide.
- Comprehensive modular spinal system with smart modules for a broad range of indications and approaches
- 360° MIS Treatment Concept possible in combination with MIS retractor systems and Interbody Fusion Devices
- Connectivity to the S4® Cervical System allows for Holistic Spinal Treatment
- Fracture Reduction Instrumentation (FRI) allows for correction of spinal deformities caused by trauma
- Precise reposition of severe Spondylolisthesis with the Spondylolisthesis Reduction Instrumentation (SRI)
- Fenestrated screws enables for enhanced anchorage of the screw in presence of poor bone quality
- Mono- and polyaxial pedicle screws in a vast variety of diameters and designs (solid, cannulated and fenestrated)
- Rods in different designs for MIS and open approach
- Connectors, including cross connectors and rod-to-rod connectors
- Hook
- Fracture Reduction Instrumentation (FRI)
- Spondylolisthesis Reduction Instrumentation (SRI)
- Instruments for minimally invasive surgery (MIS)