wall-mounted bed head unit / horizontal

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wall-mounted bed head unit / horizontal wall-mounted bed head unit / horizontal - AM-BL


  • Configuration:

    horizontal, wall-mounted


Bed Locator
The bed locator is mainly used in VIP wards, special needs wards, cadre wards, LDR, ICU, emergency department, anesthesia recovery room, and other special wards. It protects the wall and medical bed and provides extra power services for the clinic environment.

AmcareMed bed locator is plump and beautiful. The outer casing is made of imported material and injection molded. The specially designed steel structure inside can withstand the high impact of the bed, thus protecting the wall and the patient.

Provides up to 8 electrical services or data services, provide effective support for the treatment equipment next to the bed.
All pre-installed devices are pre-wired to service termination locations and manage the wires and pipelines with a short distance so that the lines on both sides of the hospital are no longer messy.
The internal steel structure design strictly follows the principle of strong and weak electricity separation, avoiding safety hazards.
Single piece cover facilitates cleaning and durability choices.
The bed locator is constructed out of 16 gauge steel for high impact.
Provide an installation template for quick and easy installation.