universal operating table / veterinary / manual / height-adjustable
universal operating table

Framework made of stainless steel. Height adjustable, manually. Tray for instruments and IV pole. Shelf with canal and drain hole. Dimensions: 1200x600x800 mm

universal operating table / mechanical / electric / Trendelenburg
universal operating table

... slideability within 300 mm on horizontal plane. Optimal Clearance In Surgical Area • Maximum surgical area visibilty and operational success with kidney surgical elevator integrated ...

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universal operating table / hydraulic / manual / X-ray transparent
universal operating table

HFease100 surgical operating table is a hand control operating table that has a load capacity of 200 kg. It can be easily set up ...

gynecological operating table / mechanical / Trendelenburg
gynecological operating table
Allengers – EGS

... other gynaecological surgical operations. Three Section Upholstered Table Top ensuring maximum comfort to the patient. Operating position i.e Height Adjustment Trendelenburg, Reverse ...

universal operating table / hydraulic / manual / height-adjustable
universal operating table

... elevator adjusted manually with use of hand crank Lateral tilts are executed with the use of a hand crank located either on the side of the table under the seat segment or ...

universal operating table / hydraulic / mechanical / Trendelenburg
universal operating table
Surgery 8500

Mechanical operating table Surgery 8500 is designed for a wide range of surgeries. It's equipped with a safe and reliable hydraulic system for height and section position adjustment. ...

universal operating table / hydraulic / manual / Trendelenburg
universal operating table

The J4 operating table is a manual four section general purpose table, suitable for a range of surgical procedures. The J4 is completely mobile with ...

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Eschmann Equipment
neurosurgery operating table / manual / height-adjustable / radiolucent
neurosurgery operating table
ORT100, ORT200, ORT300

ORT100 Operating Room Table MR-conditional, radiolucent table for neurosurgery VISIUS Surgical Theatre features the only OR tables ...

universal operating table / manual / height-adjustable
universal operating table
Power Lift4

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universal operating table / mechanical / lifting / Trendelenburg
universal operating table

1,The lifting of the table is drived by oil pump. 2,The tenderlenburg,lateral tilt left/right,backplate upwa by air cylinder. 3,The shell of the base is stainless steel. 4,The mattress are made of PU material,it ...

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universal operating table / electric / mechanical / Trendelenburg
universal operating table

... polyurethane foam mattresses made with antibacterial ASP technology; Two modifications of the table panel - 5 sections or 6 sections; X-ray translucent table top; C-Arm compatible ...

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universal operating table / manual / tilting
universal operating table

L1640 x W510 x H830 mm Artificial leather cover with PU foam Stainless steel material With pillow and footrest Back and foot sections are adjustable Min order: 5 units

hand surgery surgery table / manual / height-adjustable / on casters
hand surgery surgery table

The universal hand table is the new indispensable tool for hand surgery. This is a table for surgeons designed by surgeons. The universal hand table ...

universal operating table / manual / Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg
universal operating table

Specifications: Length: 2050±50mm Width: 480±20mm Height:(750—950)Mm ±50mm Trendelenburg/Rev-Trend:20° Leftward≥20° Rightward≥20° Head Board Fold Upward≥30° Fold Downward≥90° Back Board Fold Upward≥75° ...

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Seeuco Electronics Technology
universal operating table / veterinary / manual / height-adjustable
universal operating table

orthopedic operating table / manual / height-adjustable / pediatric
orthopedic operating table

... Pediatric Spica Table is specifically tailored for child-care specialists working within a professional medical setting. Whether in clinics, children’s hospitals, emergency rooms, general hospitals, the use of the Pediatric ...

gynecological operating table / hydraulic / mechanical / on casters
gynecological operating table

... be carried out manually by mechanical transmission, and no electric power is needed. Up/Down of this obstetric bed employs the pedal oil pump transmission method.It can be operated simply and flexibly.Due to its mechanical ...

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Harbin Howell Medical Apparatus and Instruments Co
ophthalmic operating table / veterinary / manual
ophthalmic operating table

... Special add-on table top for veterinary surgical tables for ophthalmic and dental operations and manipulations with animals.Adjustable in height, it has a U-shaped cutout for easy placement ...

ENT operating table / neurosurgery / ophthalmic / dermatology
ENT operating table

... the mobile operating chair CRANICARE 2000 is extremely smooth-running and manoeuvrable. It can be pushed and adjusted easily without efforts and at the same time requires only little space in the operating ...

universal operating table / veterinary / manual / eccentric column
universal operating table

Flat-Top 22”wide x 60” Long - Fixed Height 36” from the floor

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universal operating table / mechanical / hydraulic / Trendelenburg
universal operating table

This table is projected with mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic movements, combination that provide that the surgical team movement the table lightly, quickly and with practicality. All ...

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universal operating table / mechanical
universal operating table

The operating table is supplies for thoracic surgery, abdominal surgery, ophthalmology, otorhinolayyngology, obstertrics and gynecology, urinary surgery and orthopaedics. Lifting of this operating ...

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Jiangsu Aokai Medical Equipment
universal surgical table / hydraulic / manual
universal surgical table
Andra A10

manual hydraulic surgical table with divided leg section

universal operating table / veterinary / electric / manual
universal operating table

A high-quality flat top operating table to perform most operations on. The low voltage system means it is safe to use and convenient. Dimensions: L1500 x W600 x H840-1140mm Variable working height adjustment ...

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universal operating table / mechanical / electric / Trendelenburg
universal operating table

... Electro-Mechanical Adjustments Height From 760 mm to 960 mm - 30" x 37" Trendelenburg / Rev. Trendelenburg '+/- 250 Lateral Tilt '+/- 150 Manual Adjustments Back rest adjustment on gas spring mechanism From 650 Up / 250 ...