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thoraco-lumbar spinal osteosynthesis unit / posterior
S4® Element Open Aesculap®



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S4® Element Open

Posterior Thoracolumbar Stabilization System

The S4® Element Spine System is a low profile and innovative thoracolumbar pedicle fixation system designed to address complex posterior pathologies. The S4® Element system features a sophisticated pressure vessel locking design capable of delivering biomechanical stability while maintaining an ultra-low profile.
The S4® Element Spine System is a top-loading low profile pedicle screw system that offers a broad selection of implants and instruments that are designed to meet the surgeons demand for a quicker yet simpler surgical procedure. The trays are configured to include polyaxial screws, monoaxial screws, ilium screws, precut straight and pre-bent rods, rigid & adjustable cross connectors, and a variety of rod-to-rod connectors used to extend an existing construct in the event of a revision surgery or for new multilevel construct.

- Small implant volume
- Maximize screw head range of motion
- Reduce the risk of facet and soft tissue impingement
- Patented interlocking thread design
- Minimize splaying of screw body
- Pressure vessel technology
- Transfer energy throughout the polyaxial screw construct transforming it into a solid monoaxial construct, achieving maximum construct stability
- Undercut thread design
- Help eliminate cross threading by directing the force inward, improving force transmission and efficiency throughout the rod-screw construct

System Components
- Mono- and polyaxial pedicle screws
- Sacro-iliac screws
- Straight and prebent rods
- Rigid and adjustable cross connectors
- Variable multilevel connectors
- Variable hook options