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thoraco-lumbar interbody fusion cage / lumbar / thoracic / transforaminal
TSPACE® Titanium



  • Spinal section:

    thoraco-lumbar, lumbar, thoracic

  • Surgical approach:



TSPACE® Titanium
Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion System made of Titanium with Plasmapore® coating
TSPACE® Titanium is an implant used for stabilization of the lumbar and thoracic spine through a transforaminal or transarticular approach, monosegmental or multisegmental. TSPACE® has been designed to fit the requirements of the minimal-invasive surgical technique. Accordingly, the innovative S4® Spinal System, the Spine Classics retractor system and the TSPACE® cage form an interesting combination for spinal fusion.
The implant is mantled with the proven Plasmapore® coating to increase the contact area between implant and endplate and to expedite a solid osteointegration.
- Unilateral and minimally invasive approach to the spine
- Together with S4® Spinal System and the Spine Classics MLD retractor proven in hundreds of surgeries by using the mini-open technique
- Wide range of implant sizes presenting the right implant to fit the patient
- Simple and clearly arranged instruments
- The banana-like form ensures a maximized contact area between vertebrae and implant while being slim enough to be inserted through the foramen
- Plasmapore® coating for high primary and secondary stability
- Anatomical shape and serrated profile
- Firm connection to the inserter by means of a screw thread
Thoracolumbar spine fusion in case of:
Degenerative instability, spondylolisthesis, post-discectomy syndrome and post-traumatic instabilities.