revision acetabular prosthesis / cemented
Bencox® Bipolar

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revision acetabular prosthesis / cemented revision acetabular prosthesis / cemented - Bencox® Bipolar


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Optimal Fit

­A large array of component allows precise patient matching for optimal patient fit
­Outer diameters from 38 to 60mm allow the surgeon to meet the unique challenges posed in revision and extended situation
­The bipolar cup offers use with 22, 28mm femoral heads

§Wide range of motion

­Enhanced 68° ROM resists the impingement to the UHMWPE locking ring
Proportional Errontririty
•Multipolarity is achieved via multiple offsets within the system as cup sizes increase, the amount of eccentricity increases.
•Provides eccentricity that is proportional to the patient's anatomy.
Simple Locking Ring Mpchanism
Enhanced Stability
• Superior pull-out strength resists the dislocation of the femoral head.
Testing Laboratory: ENDOLAB(No. 265.100430.10.1482) Date: 26 May 2010
9. Insertion of the Femoral Head
Clean and dry the cone to ensure optimal surface contact. Then place the proper-sized and neck-length femoral head onto the taper of the stem, as determined from the trial reduction.
After reduction, the stability, range of motion and the impingement, should be checked again.
Acetabular artificial hip
•Ceramic delta liners and crosslinked polyethylene liner options
•4th generation ceramic delta liner with excellent strength and biocompatibility
•Highly cross-linked (10Mrad) polyethylene liner with high wear resistance
•Standard and Elevated Options for Cross-linked Polyethylene Liner
•3 hole, 7 hole, or multi screw hole acetabular cup options
•Innovative snap-fit engagement for easy insertion and fixation