hospital bed / medical / homecare / nursing home

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hospital bed / medical / homecare / nursing home hospital bed / medical / homecare / nursing home - B6e


  • Applications:

    hospital, medical, homecare, nursing home

  • Operation:


  • Features:

    height-adjustable, Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg

  • Other characteristics:

    on casters, with locking wheels

  • Number of sections:



B6e Adjustable Professional Electric Medical Clinic Icu Bed
Important Quality Control
* 380mm height siderail from the bed platform, max. protect patient
* Baosteel from Fortune Global 500
* Environmental plastic can be sterilized in 100°C,tensile upto 30MPa
* Solid bed base made of 5.0mm stamped rotating plate
* Central locking break qualified after 10,000times uninteruped break
* 11 Process epoxy painting, ASTM testing anti-baterial, paint thickness 0.12mm, brightness 60°, paint can resist 50kg impact
* Panasonic Robotic ensure
* 360° full smooth wedlding

Accessories Details
* Stamping forming platform, smooth surface no welding scar, bearing 250KG load. Option ABS platform and resin X-ray translucent platform
* E-shaped foldable guardrail, easy to install, easy to clean, anti-pinch, protect patient's safety
* Virgin ABS material
* Side rails and elevator mechanism Patent angle indicator
* Secure® castors
* Pass Dynamic test: Bearing 120kg run 30KM and pass obstacles 500time
* Plastic drainage hook, movable
* Full SS IV pole, bearing 15kg
* Lifting pole - Bearing 765N force!
* Oxygen cylinder rack - adjustable for anysize tank
* Blocking
* Shoes holder: 800*400mm,adjustable

Technical Parameters
External L*W*H:2160*1060*(460-720)mm
Mattress Platform:1925*900mm
Safe Working Load:250kg
Back-rest Adjustment:0-75°(±10°)
Knee-rest Adjustment:0-35°(±10°)
Reverse Trendelenburg:0-12°

ABS Side Rail Extra Height:1set
ABS Bed Ends with Safe Lock:1set
IV Pole:1set
IV Pole Prevision:4pcs
Drainage Hook:2pcs
Angle Indicator:4pcs
Central Locking Pedal:2pcs