autopsy table / dissection / mortuary washing / anatomy
AST 10/700

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autopsy table autopsy table - AST 10/700


  • Type:

    autopsy, dissection, mortuary washing, anatomy

  • Shape:


  • Other characteristics:

    on casters, stainless steel, with sink


The anatomy autopsy table serves to minimize the formalin charge for students and course participants and is to be connected by an easy plug-in to an exhaust system provided by the customer. The table is completely made of stainless steel (Material no. 1.4301) with a substructure made of sturdy, torsionresistant profiles as well as 4 steerable and lockable wheels.
At the small side, a bodytray is inserted, then closed and fixed at the same time by a flap. The upper ridge of the body-tray is situated 10mm lower than the upper ridge of the table. All vapours are reliably down-drafted by a surrounding gap, approximately 10 mm.
A collecting tray with stamping to the drain is situated underneath the body-tray. The drain is connected to the collecting container by a bayonet fixing. The exhaust air socket is fixed in the center of the table. T
he position of the exhaust pipe permits even sedentary work at the table.

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