mortuary stretcher refrigerated mortuary cabinet / 2-body / 4-body / 6-body
SMC 40/200



  • Applications:

    for mortuary stretchers

  • Number of bodies:

    2-body, multiple-body, 6-body, 4-body, 12-body, 10-body

  • Loading:


  • Other characteristics:

    modular, for temporary storage, with loading trolley, with door


• 2 body capacity, 1 x 2 tiers with doors (please refer to our website for more information on different dimensions and storage capacities!)
• sturdy, self-supporting wall, floor and ceiling elements in renowned sandwich building system
• cell surface inside and outside made of steel powder coated
• Bottom made of steel powder coated
• panels made of 80 mm thick CFC-free polyurethane (PUR) hard foam
• corner panels with 90° rounded edges (inside and outside for easy cleaning and bacteria reduction
• highly compressed insulation of 43 kg/m³, at the edges even 50 kg/m³
• Coefficient of thermal conductivity: 0,25 W/m²K
• floor element with anti-slip surface
• 1 lockable door with emergency door opener, surrounding door sealing
• stable left or right door hinges
• easy assembly – delivery in individual parts, assembly through integrated eccentric hooks

Ext. Dim. cell: W/D/H 1190 x 2390 x 2190 mm
Int. Dim. cell: W/D/H 1030 x 2230 x 2030 mm
Dim door: W/H 700 x 1900 mm
Volume: 4,66 m³

Type: SMC 40/200

Datasheets can be found online at:

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