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vial capping system / for the pharmaceutical industry / rotary / floor-standing



  • Product applications:

    for vials

  • Use domain:

    for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Operation:


  • Other characteristics:



Throughout the process, the ALU cappers meticulously check the compliance with the production parameters: in case of injectable products, it is indeed the capping which assures the hermetic seal and therefore the integrity of the drug inside the container.

Capping adjust-ability
Although the vial cap provides the final closure element of a sealed vial, there is a growing demand for capping installations in classified areas, clean rooms or aseptic environments, thus enhancing the importance of relying on machines with very low particle generation to avoid product contamination.

From their design to the performance of the crimping operation, from the traditional aluminium to the most special caps, the ALU cappers have been conceived to adapt to any industry request.

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