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aseptic isolator / ISO class 5 / for the pharmaceutical industry / dispensing



  • Class:

    ISO class 5

  • Applications:

    aseptic, for the pharmaceutical industry, dispensing

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    glove box, with HEPA filter


In the pharmaceutical sector the need to protect the product from contamination due to the presence of personnel or the environment is one of the major drivers for containment. What matters most in aseptic processes is the max. reduction of contamination risk.

Life should be treated with kid gloves
Combined with automated filling systems for liquids or powders, ISOLATION TECHNOLOGY minimizes the direct human intervention in the processing area and is now a technology that is being increasingly and rapidly adopted by the pharma industry.

Internationally recognized as expert in advanced aseptic processing applications, IMA Life has gained a wealth of experience in Cross Contamination Control and can offer a solid understanding of the risks associated with the handling of potent and cytotoxic compounds.

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