mandible model / maxilla / denture / training
4005T Nacional Ossos



  • Area of the body:

    mandible, maxilla, denture

  • Procedure:


  • Other characteristics:



- Donor area of branch or chin (taking great care with the mandibular nerve).
- Lateralization of the bi-lateral mandibular nerve for placement of an implant.
- Bi lateral sinus lift: RIGHT SIDE: Zero sinus with 1mm thickness in the base and almost fenestrating board. LEFT SIDE: normal pneumatized sinus (the two with extra thin and flexible membrane very similar to human).
- Recent defective extraction of the bone board in the tooth region 13 and 43 with the granulated tissue inside the socket to be placed bio material and membrane placement.
- Receiver area with bone resorption for block graft placement (removed from the donor area or block) that simulates an extra oral graft, on teeth 21, 22, 23 and 25.
- Recent extraction with intact alveolus with granular tissue inside the cavity, on the tooth 32.
- In the regions of teeth 33, 35, 36, 37, 45,46 single, double and triple intervals to make assembly for advanced implant course.
- It articulates in premolars to do an oral rehabilitation with the vertical height.
- Removal of the jaw and use another jaw of the family can be an edentulous to do a rehabilitation without vertical height.
- Training of the surgical techniques and later demonstration in the office for the patient, if necessary as a sales tool.
The support allows the best fit of the dummy, making all the necessary mouth opening, tipping and closing movements for the student to work with both hands as in the actual patient.
Side view of the skull with TMJ exposure for explanation to student and patient.

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