mandible model / maxilla / sinus / denture
4005GT Nacional Ossos



  • Area of the body:

    mandible, maxilla, sinus, denture, gingival

  • Procedure:

    for teaching

  • Other characteristics:



- Donor area of branch or chin (taking great care with the mandibular nerve).
- Lateralization of the bi-lateral mandibular nerve for placement of an implant.
- Bi lateral sinus lift: RIGHT SIDE: Zero sinus with 1 mm thickness in the base and almost fenestrating board. LEFT SIDE: normal pneumatized sinus (the two with extra thin and flexible membrane very similar to human).
- Recent defective extraction of the bone board in the tooth region 13 and 43 with the granulated tissue inside the socket to be placed bio material and membrane placement.
- Receiver area with bone resorption for block graft placement (removed from the donor area or block) that simulates an extra oral graft, on teeth 21, 22, 23 and 25.
- Recent extraction with intact alveolus with granular tissue inside the cavity, on the tooth 32.
- In the regions of teeth 33, 35, 36, 37, 45,46 single, double and triple intervals to make assembly for advanced implant course.
- It articulates in premolars to do an oral rehabilitation with the vertical height.
- Rehabilitation without vertical height only changing the mandible by an edentulous model.
- Training of the surgical techniques and later demonstration in the office for the patient, if necessary as a sales tool.
- Incision and suturing as in the patient, because the mandible and maxilla are coated with material that simulates soft tissue (gingiva).
- The bracket allows you to make all necessary mouth opening, tipping and closing movements for the student to work with both hands as in the actual patient.
- Side view of the skull with TMJ exposure for explanation to student and patient.

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